Line rate

We bill by line. A standard line is 52.5 characters long, including spaces. Incomplete lines, tables, etc. are compensated for. The translated text – that is, the text in the target language – forms the basis for calculation. The standard lines are counted electronically.

Desktop publishing

On request, we will amend the text directly in your InDesign file. Accordingly, you need not worry about any layout issues or appropriate line breaks.

This service is billed by time.


Complaints must be made within 20 days of order delivery. USG AG shall only be liable for the original translated text and replacement value. Any further liability is excluded. Payment conditions are 30 days net. The place of jurisdiction is Bern (Switzerland). Swiss law shall apply. For orders placed with USG AG on behalf of third parties, the ordering party shall be liable.

Express orders

Express translations required on the same day or overnight, as well as Saturday and Sunday work, are billed with a surcharge of 50–100%.

Non-urgent orders

If you have more than one or two weeks of time, you will receive a 20% discount on your translation order provided that the translation does not exceed 20 pages.

Additional costs

Notarisations and courier services are billed separately. A supplement of CHF 15 is charged per order for shipment and handling.

The minimum charge is CHF 80. Small orders of less than CHF 300 are subject to a small quantity surcharge of CHF 80.

Author’s corrections or subsequent changes are billed by time at CHF 160 per hour.