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Translation versus transcreation

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Since our company was founded in 1979, the communication industry has no longer had to fret about poor or off-the-mark texts, or outright howlers. We create advertising texts in German, French, Italian and English.

When we translate advertising texts, we practically create the text all over again, because we transfer the idea from one language into another. What some call transcreation is simply a translation to us, our bread and butter.

Yelloworld Papagei deutsch
Yelloworld Papagei französisch
Yelloworld Papagei italienisch
Yelloworld Mars italienisch
Yelloworld Mars französisch

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Dubbing videos & TV Commercials

Lip-synchronised dubbing requires experience in directing the speakers

We create complete dubbings, but can also carry out individual tasks such as transcriptions, text adaptations and translations. As you please.

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